Sonoma County Junior College District has implemented an electronic bidding software system.  All solicitations (formal and informal) are processed using this system.  Vendors interested in participating in solicitations should:


  1.  Visit District’s electronic bidding website at:
  2. Register as a supplier 

  3. Select commodities that vendor is qualified to sell in order to receive electronic notices of competitive opportunities

  4. It is highly encouraged that interested vendors review all applicable documentation contained in the solicitation, including information on deadlines, pre-proposal conferences, vendor requirements, etc.

  5. Submit your response to the selected solicitation

  6. For additional information, at any time vendors may visit the website and obtain information on open, closed or awarded solicitations.

  7. For Instructions on how to submit bids, manage address book, manage users, select commodities and other tools, once the vendor is logged in to the system  > click on “Help” (top right corner)  > click on “Sourcing Supplier Quick Tutorial”  or other topics listed.