Daniel Mendez-Cisneros

Picture of Daniel Mendez-Cisneros
Project Engineer
Capital Projects

Daniel Mendez-Cisneros, Project Engineer (Harris & Associates), joined the SRJC Capital Projects Team in 2017 and has worked on projects at all five campuses. Past projects include the Burbank Theater, Analy Village temporary classroom additions, the Doyle Library redesign, the Public Safety Training Center fire enclosure, and many more. He is currently providing construction management assistance on the new Lindley Center for STEM Education and overseeing projects at Lounibos Hall, an industrial education facility housing  laboratory/lecture space for instruction in automotive mechanics, diesel technology, machine tooling and welding. Daniel earned his BS in Construction Management from California State University-Northridge (CUSN). Honors include scholarship awards from the CSUN AIMS2 and the Construction Management Association of America in 2016. Daniel values the message of inclusivity and equity that resonates throughout the campus and working around so much talent. He is appreciated by his colleagues for his readiness to problem-solve challenges and is an important member of the team.