Glen Salazar

Picture of Glen Salazar
Administrative Assistant III
Capital Projects

Glen Salazar, Administrative Assistant III, earned AAs in Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences, and a certificate in Drone Studies from SRJC. He also worked as a Language Tutor and Lab Assistant while a student. Out of over 300 applicants, he was the recipient of the prestigious Henry Cardinaux Memorial Scholarship and spent a semester abroad, studying at the American Institute for Foreign Study in Paris, France. Among his most memorable moments are visiting Napoleon's tomb and attending Easter mass at Notre Dame. Upon his return, Glen earned a BA in French Language & Literature from U.C. Berkeley, where he learned about subjects as varied as French science fiction, Cartesian philosophy, the quantum implications of Schrodinger's cat, French colonialism, and postmodernism. He returned to SRJC in 2014, serving as Matriculation Technician and then as Student Success Technician. Glen speaks six languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German), studied at college a few more (Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, etc.), and has used them helping students. In 2021, Glen joined the Capital Projects Department as Administrative Assistant III, spearheading the social media accounts, managing two websites, and publishing a quarterly newsletter, using his web development and digital marketing skills. He is an integral part of the Capital Projects team, where he has assisted with providing managerial, fiscal, and technical oversight in executing projects under the Facilities Master Plan with the $410 million Measure H Bond. In 2023, Glen received an MA in International Studies from the University of San Francisco, where he took various classes such as Global Critical Social Theory, Infrastructure as Ethics, and Global Media & Journalism Skills; his master's thesis focused on the confluence of artificial intelligence (AI) and populism during Brazil's 2018 elections, in which populist Jair Bolsonaro was catapulted to power due to the hegemonic sway of AI algorithms in the social media ecosystem (